Bullsheet Podcast Episode 03 : Online Bounties, Overwatch and Randomness

Kalus and Jak return in another exciting episode of the BSP, complete with random topics and inane ramblings. This time discussing real-world bounties offered for online game players – then the discussion turns to overwatch and League of Legends before meandering into nonsense and gibberish.



Bullsheet Podcast Episode 02 : League talk and Marvel vs. DC

Jak and Kalus in episode 2 of the BSPC

In this episode of the Bullsheet podcast, Jak and Kalus discuss what champion they would create if they had the power to make any League champ they wanted.  Then they discuss which they like better between the Marvel Universe and DC Universe.  With some talk about video game movies and the 2016 League world thrown into the mix.


Maokai Guide S6 ~ League of Legends

A complete Season 6  (Patch 6.19) guide to Maokai of League of Legends.  Jaksheet discusses every aspect of playing this champion in the top lane, breaking down his abilities, masteries, rune pages and item builds.  Tactics to use and how to trade and team fight with Maokai in the top lane.  Don’t forget to come join me on twitch, or follow me on twitter!